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Viking VIKP Jump Cue


Tip: 13mm Viking Phenolic Tip
Ferrule: Black Phenolic Ferrule
Shaft: 29″ V CRUSH Hard Rock Maple, Conical “CRUSH” Taper
Pin: Viking Quick-Release
Collar: None

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forearm 12″ black, ergonomic grip jump butt with cobalt “PUNCH by Viking” imprint
wrap None
buttsleeve None
buttplate None
bumper Black rubber
weightchangeableyesorno Yes
typeofweightbolt WBVIK
comeswithjointprotectorsyesorno No
comeswithextensionyesorno No
comeswithcaseyesorno No
warranty Lifetime
cuestixexclusiveproduct No
country of origin US
weight lb 1.4
box within 3
boxheightin 34
box length in 3
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