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Cuetec AVID Chroma CTAC7 – Hydra


Tip12.75mm Tiger Everest
Ferrule.375″ thin white sighting ferrule
Shaft29″ air light front-end AVID shaft. Constructed with multi-plies of glass composite bonded to A-grade kiln-dried maple.
Pin3/8 x 14 – 21.3mm (Fits Cynergy Cues)
CollarBlack collar
ForearmHydra blue metallic paint

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wrap None
buttsleeve Hydra with Cuetec logo
butt-plate Black with AVID logo
bumper Cuetec AVID plug bumper
weightchangeableyesorno Yes
typeofweightbolt WBSCORP
joint protectors Yes
extension No
case Yes
warranty Limited
country of origin China
cuestixexclusiveproduct No
weight lb 1.4
box within 2.5
box length in 32
boxheightin 2.5




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