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Anniversary Cue – DEC 4


This cue reflects a style change we adopted in our brand. In this decade, 8 out of 10 cues are without a wrap; Maple and exotic wood cues are also introduced.

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This cue reflects a style change adopted in the mid-nineties when no wrap cues were introduced to the line and quickly became a popular staple in the industry. This model incorporated Bird’s-eye Maple with Bacote exotic wood and Pear inlays. 50 were made and signed by both Jerry and Joe Pechauer._x000D_

Shaft Options

11.75 MM, 13.00 MM – Standard, Perf Plus Upgrade (Below), Rogue Upgrade (Below), 12.00 MM, 12.25 MM, 12.50 MM, 12.75 MM


18.5 oz, 19 oz, 19.5 oz, 20 oz, 20.5 oz, 21 oz

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